Ms. Turner's Classroom - "Habari Gani"


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           Bates Academy Grade 3




  Welcome 3rd grade students and parents to the 2019-2020 school year.  Check this website to gather information helping us all have a successful school year.     



Subjects We Learn About


NGSS - Next Generation Science Standards                                                                                  Michigan State University MSTEP Science                                                                                     Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (MLPBL) program                                                               Supported by the George Lucas Foundation -  


Social Studies - Michigan, African Centered Education & Exploring Detroit


Technology - PhotoPeach, Animoto, One to One Technology

Book Projects



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      Kindness In The Classroom


 This year Kindness is the theme for classroom behavior.  Students will participate in activities that promote kindness through positive conflict resolution, acts of kindness, and teaching children to pay attention and manage their emotions in healthy ways.  CHAMPS, Calm Classroom and Peace-Making Skills for Little Children are the programs I will be using.